• How does flame weeding work?

    How does flame weeding work?

    A quick pass with the torch and you'll see weeds wilt.

    A thumb print on the weed leaf indicates success.

    Days later, weed decay is obvious.

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  • Make it a Combo & Save $10.00!

    Make it a Combo & Save $10.00!

    Order a Vapor Torch Kit & Cylinder Dolly COMBO and save $10.00 off the regular price! A rugged cylinder dolly is the perfect companion for any or our popular Vapor Torch Kits and makes moving the propane cylinder a snap!

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  • We are so cool Katy Perry likes us!

    We are so cool Katy Perry likes us!

    Taken from a performance by Katy Perry at the 2013 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards!

    Featuring our Copper Cone Patio Light,

    Model #PT411-6C

    Check out all of our Patio Lights to spruce up your outdoor space!


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  • How does flame weeding work?How does flame weeding work?
    Make it a Combo & Save $10.00!Make it a Combo & Save $10.00!
    We are so cool Katy Perry likes us!We are so cool Katy Perry likes us!

Red Dragon®

The Original Heavy Duty Torch Kits
UP TO 500,000 BTU/hr

These powerful vapor torch kits are perfect for farm & ranch, construction, grounds maintenance, road crews, industry and more! Put a Red Dragon To Work for You!

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Weed Dragon®

America's #1 Home & Garden Torch Kits!
UP TO 100,000 BTU/hr

Weed Dragon is the perfect torch kit for home and garden use and even powerful enough for larger gardens and small acreages. Have fun killing weeds naturally!

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Mini Dragon™

Light Duty Spot Weeding Torch
25,000 BTU/hr

The NEW Mini Dragon is the perfect torch kit for smaller jobs around the home and garden when the power and larger flame of our other torch kits isn’t required. Uses 1 Pound propane cylinders and is lightweight and easy to manuever. The pin point flame is perfect for spot weeding and other small jobs.

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Make It A Combo!

Order any Red Dragon or Weed Dragon Vapor Torch Kit and a Red Dragon CD-100 Cylinder Dolly as a COMBO Kit and save $10.00 off the regular price.

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Red Dragon® & Weed Dragon®

Back-pack Torch Kits
UP TO 400,000 BTU/hr

Two of our most popular kits available in a complete back-pack kit. Perfect for small farms, forest service, maintenance crews and more. Kits are complete with 10 lb. propane cylinder.

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Red Dragon®

Light Duty Shop Torch Kits
50,000 BTU/hr

These vapor torch kits are perfect for small jobs and for work in the shop, garage or machine shed. Up to 50,000 BTU/hr gives plenty of power to heat metal and other materials quickly.

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"RED DRAGON – I borrowed my neighbors – didn’t want to be a moocher – bought my own – love it! Made in USA!"
K. Hart – Puyallup, WA

"RED DRAGON – Moved into my Grandmother’s home that had been vacant for 3 years. The yard was overgrown with vines and weeds. The Red Dragon torch made short work of clearing up and getting rid of unwanted plants! Great tool and lots of fun to use! Also used the Red Dragon to lightly burn the sides of 30x3 foot raised bed garden. Gives it a real nice rustic look. I can see lots of uses for this tool!"
J. Day – Salt Lake City, UT

"RED DRAGON – Great product. Easy to use around my three acres."
J. Kirk – Ruffin, SC


Featured Product

The Mini Dragon™ provides the perfect pin-point flame for small jobs around the home & garden. Perfect for chemical free spot weeding, lighting charcoal, chimineas, campfires & more. For use with 14oz to1 pound propane cylinders. Cylinder not included. See the hook up kit below to use with larger refillable cylinders. Just a split second of exposure to the intense heat is all it takes to kill weeds and unwanted vegetation!

Garden Club member tested and approved!


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